Waigani Express DVD
At a quarter to midnight, July 4th, 1981, the 7550 tonne container vessel Waigani Express slammed into a coral reef, 1500 metres offshore and within sight of the Hood Point lighthouse, 80 kilometres southeast of Port Moresby. It looked a certain write off. Millions on the rocks, a high tide deadline to meet, broken ropes and a big storm. Salvage, the worlds second oldest profession is more fascinating than the first. Waigani Express documents the frustrations, the politics, the dangers and the elation of a successful, modern day salvage operation.

Award for Creative Excellence, United States Industrial Film Festival, Chicago, 1982.

Filmed in 16mm.

Runing time 48 minutes.

Produced, directed and photographed by Lynton Diggle for Salvage Pacific and Marine Pacific PNG Ltd. in association with TVNZ 1982.

Available in PAL and NTSC format.

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