Anro Asia DVD
DVD about the stranding of the Anro Asia off New Guinea in 1981.
The contract is Lloyds standard form, No cure, No pay. Salvage, one of the worlds high risk professions. Even triumphant success can be followed by months or years of frustrating arbitration to settle a salvage fee. Salvage master Ian Lockley, brings years of Pacific salvage experience to the Australian coast. The Anro Asia is in a critical position. A consortium of salvage companies formed months before swings into action. Huge Boeing Chinook helicopters from the Australian Air Force run a shuttle service moving heavy containers from the deck. These helicopters were the key to the successful salvage of Waigani Express off the New Guinea coast just months earlier. Some shippers cheated more weight into their containers than their papers show. Extra weight that forces Chinooks into contingency power.
Good training for the RAAF, but paid for by the salvors.

Produced, directed and photographed by Lynton Diggle, in association with TVNZ, 1982.

Filmed in 16mm.

Runing time 23 minutes.

Available in PAL format only.

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