The Great Liners Part 10

Port Line & Ben Line

This DVD features some of the magnificent ships of Port Line and Ben Line.

One of the most vivid memories any visitor to a big seaport during the middle of the last century has, is that of all the ships lining the quays for as far as the eyes could see. For young crew members about to join there very first ship, this was nearly always a very intimidating moment. Fresh out of sea training school, these young boys with precious little experience of the outside world often didn't know wether to continue with their rather frightening, overawing journey into the strange world of the docks, or just turn around and catch the nearest bus or train back to the relative safety of their homes.

In this episdoe we sail alongside these young boys aboard the handsome ships of Port Line and the Ben Line on voyages all over the world.

Available PAL only. Approx 58 minutes.

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