The Enemy on the New Zealand Coast

A book by Gerry Wright. As far back as 1870 the Russians were reported to be in New Zealand waters...

.... which prompted Government action. During World War I and World War II German raiders appeared close off the New Zealand coast. One actually landed armed men on a shooting expedition. The raiders’ operations caused the loss of a number of ships. During the Second World War, the German operations were supported by a submarine. Japanese submarines were also active off our coast. This is the story of those reported enemy visits and the response to the community that each caused. 198 pages with photos and sketches.

Front Cover Information:

Main picure looks out between the Hen and Chicken Island and the Mokohinau's to where RMS Niagara and minesweeper Puriri were sunk in 1940 by mines laid by the German raider Orion. The flags are those of the Russian Navy in the 1800's, German Navy during WW1, German Navy during WWII and the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII.

Chapters include, Hague Convention of 1899, SMS Wolf, KNS Orion, KMS Adjutant, KMS Penguin, Japanese submarines, German submarine U-862

ISBN 978-0-473-21311-4

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