SMS Wolf

This is an English translation of a German book written in 1918 by Captain Nerger of the raider SMS Wolf that went as far as New Zealand during World War 1.

As written by Karl Nerger, Captain of the SMS Wolf after returning from a sucessful raiding cruise to New Zealand and back to Germany. Through the North Sea, sown the Atlantic and into the Pacific, capturing and sinking ships, and laying several minefields that accounted for numerous ships. While in New Zealand waters she sank four ships, Wairuna and Winslow at Raoul Island in the Kermadec Islands, the Wimmera off Cape Reinga after laying a minefield and the Port Kembla off Cape Farewell with another minefield. Translated from the original 1918 edition. 148 pages A5.

The Wolf was handed over to the French after the war, converted and steamed as the Antinous until 1931 when she was broken up in an Italian shipyard.

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