HMS Puriri

HMS Puriri (1938-1941)
The story of the only warship to be lost by enemy ction in New Zealand waters and the environment in which she served.

The coaster MV Puriri was built in 1938 to work on the west coast of New Zealand, but in 1941 she was taken over by the New Zealand Navy and converted to a minesweeper.

Chapter in the book:

  • The Anchor Shipping Company
  • Henry Robb Shipbuilders
  • MV Puriri
  • Preparations for war
  • German minefields
  • RMS Niagara sinking
  • Initial mine clearance
  • Requisition of Puriri
  • Early minesweeping
  • The Rangitane sinking
  • Conversion of Puriri
  • Puriri joins the fleet
  • Puriri diaster
  • Board of enquiry
  • HMS Puriri memorial
  • Puriri's replacement

A5 size, 86 pages, colour and black / white photos and diagrams.

ISBN 978-0-473-34225-8

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