HMAS AE1 Kiwi Sailor

This is an updated edition of Kaikoura Submariner since the discovery of AE1 in December 2017.

By Gerry Wright is the story of John (Roy) Reardon, 9 February 1891 - 14 September 1914, one of the first two New Zealanders to become submariners in 1914.
This book covers his life until his death in the submarine HMAS AE1 off New Guinea at the start of World War One. This is a new updated edition to include the discovery of AE1 on 20 December 2017, with information and images supplied by the Fugro Equator search team.

Chapters include:
HMS Pioneer,
HMS Challenger,
HMS Vernon,
Pandora Depot,
Submarine AE1,
HMS Eclipse.
HMS Yarmouth,
HMAS Sydney,
Deployment to German New Guinea,
What happened to AE1 ?,
The Search History,
Search Discovery,
Crew list,

Soft cover A5 size 188 pages, black and white and some colour photos / illustrations

ISBN 978-0-473-42667-5

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