HMNZS Blackpool

In 1965, in an effort to maintain four operational frigates while one was in refit, it was agreed to hire a frigate from the Royal Navy while HMNZS Canterbury was being built. Initially offered HMS Whitby it was eventually agreed to hire HMS Blackpool for a period of five years.

This is the story of HMNZS Blackpool, and those who served in her, during her service in the Royal New Zealand Navy between 1965 and 1971.

Gerry Wright joined the Royal New Zealand Navy between 1955 as a Seaman Boy, Second Class, and retired in 1981 in the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He commanded several ships at sea, and later, a number of merchant ships in the South Pacific.

Now retired, Gerry researches aspects of the history of the Royal New Zealand Navy as a hobby.

The book has 478 pages with colour and black and white photos.


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