Mururoa Protest

Mururoa Protest tells the story of the Kirk led Labour government’s protest against French nuclear weapon testing in the atmosphere over Mururoa Atoll in 1973.

In this protest action the government took the case to the International Court of Justice and sent two naval frigates to protest off Mururoa Atoll, this is the naval story of that deployment.

Once this printing of this book is sold out it will no longer be available as it will not be reprinted.

254 pages with black and white photos.

Gerry Wright joined the Royal New Zealand Navy as a 16 year old Seaman Boy, 2nd Class, in 1955. He was later promoted to officer rank through the Upper Yardman Scheme. Gerry retired from the Navy in 1981. He took part in the operation recorded by this book.


This book has sold out and no longer being printed


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