For King and Country

The book FOR KING & COUNTRY By Gerry Wright. The biographies of New Zealand's Naval World war 1 casualties.
Paperback, A4 size, 512 pages. Black & white photos and colour illustrations. Published 2015.

This book tells the story of those who died while serving in New Zealand's naval effort during the First World War. Whilst primarily a record of the stories of those who died, it also gives an insight into the history of Naval Involvement during the conflict.
New Zealand men served in all corners of the World and in all forms of warfare: Submarines, Warships, Aircraft and trenches.
While some did not die in conflict, the casualty list has been guided by the rules of the Imperial War Graves Commission.

Part 1 - The Navy New Zealand's Naval Defense (1914)
The work of HMS Philomel
The work of HMS Psyche
The work of HMS Pyramus
The Royal Navy Reserve
Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Royal Marines
Royal Navy Division
Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Navy Memorials
The Imperial War Graves Commission
World War 1 Campaign Medals

Part 2 - Casualties (78 listed)

Part 3 - A Maritime Diaster
S.S. Marquette

Part 4 - An unsung Hero
Chief Motor Mechanic Sidney Fox CGM

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