Main Line Steam in New Zealand

As Regular main line steam operations in the world are being phased out,...

.... New Zealand has become the country that can provide a selection of steam locomotives operating in spectacular scenery and operating conditions that allows railfans numerous photo runbys on the main line and riding on the locomotive footplate.
Each year Ian Welch's Mainline Steam Trust caters for railfans who travel from around the world to experience travelling the length of New Zealand behind beautifully restored steam locomotives such as North British Locomotive Company built JA1275, J1211 and JB1236 and NZR Addington built AB663. This DVD captures the excursion as it ran through both the North and South Islands and features the North Island Main Trunk and the scenic Palmerston North - Napier - Gisborne line with its unique railway / runway crossing at Gisborne Airport.
Main Line Steam also covers points of interest along the route including the Raurimi Spiral, the last spike on the NIMT, 1953 Tangiwai Disaster, Gisborne City Vintage Rail and the Weka Pass Railway. The final day of the tour saw AB663 head the excursion from Wellington to Ohakune where JA1275 took over for the remainder of the run to Auckland - a 680 kilometre dash that hadn't been achieved by steam in a single day since February 1965.
Available PAL format only.
Running time 62 minutes.

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