Great Barrier Island Shipwrecks

Great Barrier Island Shipwrecks published by the Great Barrier Island Research Group Inc

This is not a final list of the island's shipwrecks, as there is every chance of discovering more. However, it is as much as is known up to the present time. The stories of the island's wrecks is certainly full of variety, interest, tragedy, survival and examples of the best and the worst of human behaviour.

Wrecks in this book are from small cutters to large vessels such as the SS Wairarapa, and dating from 1842 to 2008.

Published by the Great Barrier Island History Reseach Group Inc and edited by Don Armitage. Card cover A3 folded and spine stapled to form an A4 size book. 57 pages with photos throughtout.

ISBN 978-0-473-17596-2

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