Selection of books from Gerry Wright's titles including HMNZS Blackpool to books about German raiders and Lynton Diggle's Shipwrecks of New Zealand.

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Marine Books

We Were There

We Were There - Operation Grapple, by Gerry Wright

$ 30.00

The Wolf

The Wolf by Peter Hohnen and Richard Guilliatt A Book about ...

$ 40.00

The Story of HMNZS Blackpool

A book about the Royal New Zealand Navy ship HMNZS ...

$ 32.00

The Enemy on the New Zealand Coast

A book by Gerry Wright. As far back as 1870 the Russians ...

$ 20.00

SMS Wolf

This is an English translation of a German book written in ...

$ 15.00

Salty Dits

Some tales from the MLs by those who served in them.

$ 32.00

Rainbow Warrior Salvage

A Gerry Wright book about the salvage of the Greenpeace ...

$ 21.00

Operation Pilaster

The book 'Operation Pilaster' is the account of the voyages ...

$ 31.00

North Sea Warrior

The book North Sea Warrior is the story of Lieutenant ...

$ 31.00

Naval Footprints in New Zealand

The Royal Navy has played a significant part in the ...

$ 18.00

Mururoa Protest

Mururoa Protest tells the story of the Kirk led Labour ...

$ 15.00

Kiwi Bathurst Tales

Kiwi Bathurst Tales is a book by Gerry Wright about the ...

$ 35.00

Kaikoura Submariner

Kaikoura Submariner is a book written by Gerry Wright about ...

$ 18.00

HMS Puriri

HMS Puriri (1938-1941) The story of the only warship to be ...

$ 18.00

HMNZS Royalist

Book compiled by Gerry Wright about the Royal New Zealand ...

$ 46.00

HMNZS Black Prince

The Royal New Zealand Navy cruiser HMNZS Black Prince ...

$ 32.00

HMNZS Bellona

HMNZS Bellona was commissioned in Chatham, England, with ...

$ 37.00

HMAS AE1 Kiwi Sailor

This is an updated edition of Kaikoura Submariner since the ...

$ 27.00

Great Barrier Island Shipwrecks

Great Barrier Island Shipwrecks published by the Great ...

$ 20.00

For King and Country

The book FOR KING & COUNTRY By Gerry Wright. The ...

$ 48.00

Deep Water Gold

Gold recovery from RMS Niagara

$ 39.00

Change of the Ensign

A snapshot of the New Zealand Navy 20 June 1968

$ 15.00

Captain John Gillies

A Brief Biography of Captain John Gillies (1800-1875) by ...

$ 7.00

A War by Stealth

A War by Stealth is the story of Lieutenant Walter C Drake ...

$ 28.00
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