Fishing the World with Liam Dale

Only one in stock from ex DVD/Video store closure.

As he world gets smaller, so the sports angler willing to leave his native country can venture forth and find all manner
of excellent species to challenge. From Egypt's Lake Nasser and the legendary Nile Perch to the toe tip of England and
the wily backward swimming Conger Eel, onwards to the rocky volcanic outcrop known as the islandd of Madeira in
search of the world's largest Blue Marlin, via France the mecca of the Carp world, a turn to the North West for the
giant Skate of Scotland and finally an Eastern haul to the relatively independent country of Kazahkstan in search of
the leviathan of Russian Waters, source of the world's most expensive caviar, the mightly Beluga.

NTSC Region 0, will play on most DVD players, running time 90 minutes.

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