Classic New Zealand Aviation Collection

Classic New Zealand Aviation Collection 3 DVD Pack

Classic New Zealand Aviation Collection Powered aviation in New Zealand began in 1903 with the pioneering attempts of Richard Pearce, a few months before the Wright Bothers in the USA. This pioneering spirit quickly lead to New Zealand having the densest network of civil aviation per capita in the world, a status still held today. This DVD set represents classic moments from this history, from the early days to the 1970's taken from newsreels and publicity films. It includes a wide variety of civil and military aircraft in action, from the world's first all metal framed aircraft through seaplanes, top dressing aircraft and bulbous nosed freighters, to the jet age. The films include impressive scenic flights over alpine and coastal terrain and acrobatic displays by the air force's top pilots.
Classic New Zealand Aviation 1 - The Glamour Years Classic New Zealand Aviation 2 - From War To Peace Classic New Zealand Aviation 3 - Innovators and Heroes.
Available in PAL format only.

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